A Solution for abandoned boats

 clogging up your driveway, marina or field

Welcome to our Abandoned boats page! We are here to help you arrange the removal of abandoned boats. Whether they are in a marina, on a mooring, on your driveway or maybe in a farmer’s field somewhere, we can help you remove abandoned boats from anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe.

Abandoned boats can not only become an eyesore but also a potential hazard both in the water and on land. If a boat is left abandoned on its mooring it may eventually come loose in stormy conditions and cause damage to any surrounding boats. If it then sinks it would become a navigational and environmental hazard. We have dive teams on standby ready to come and re-float the stricken vessel, so don’t panic!

Here at Abandoned boats we want to avoid any boat getting to the point where it becomes a problem for other boat owners. Much like being hit by an un-insured driver in a car it’d be the innocent party who’d foot the bill for the damage caused.

So if you’re a boatyard, marina or reluctant boat owner. Give us a call on 02392 984666 and arrange for our team to come and remove the abandoned boat from your premises. This will not only remove the risk of the boat becoming a problem to its surroundings but also free up space to store new boats owned by reliable customers.

We have close links to Boatbreakers, the industry leaders in boat disposal in the United Kingdom and Europe. The quickest and easiest way deal with the abandoned boats giving you a headache is to use the Scrap Calculator on the Boatbreakers site which will give you an instant idea of the price to dispose of your abandoned boat.

Abandoned Boats - A Sunken Boat

Abandoned Boats - An Abandoned Motorboat

Abandoned Boats - A Wooden Boat abandoned in a creek

Got an Enquiry? Give us a call on 023 9298 4666 and we’ll be happy to discuss how to remove the abandoned boats taking up valuable space.

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